Gold Cherry Blossom

Gold Cherry Blossom

Deck your Pocket PC with blossom


  • Nice gold transparencies on the status bar
  • Smart gold Start menu background


  • Weird picture

Not bad

Are you longing for a bit of life on your Windows Mobile display? The install the Gold Cherry Blossom theme and add a touch of Spring to your device.

Gold Cherry Blossom is an interesting theme that applies a rather curious background image to your Pocket PC. The image features a gold pot, a sprig of cherry blossom, and a red band, all atop a dark gray surface.

I'm still not sure what it's all supposed to mean to be honest and personally I wouldn't choose to have this on my device. That said, the gold gradients used in the status bars and Start menu are very attractive, and compliment the image nicely.

Not the most dynamic, eye-catching theme ever, but if you like gold and you like blossom, Gold Cherry Blossom could be for you.

Gold Cherry Blossom


Gold Cherry Blossom

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